Demma Foundation | TROYKA 2012 DRENTHE PROGRAM 11-24 NOVEMBER 2012
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from L to R:
Mrs. Svetlana Bazalevskaya, Mytishchy City Council
Dr.Elena Sarancha, ENT Specialist Mytishchy Hospital
Dr.Alexey Azarov, Angiosurgeon, Mytishchy Hospital

This year, DEMMA have invited three health care officers from Moscow Region. Two medical doctors; Elena Sarancha (ENT specialist) and Alexey Azarov (vascular intervention cardiologist) both from Mytishchy Central Hospital and one Financial Manager, Svetlana Bazalevskaya, from Losino-Petrovski Municipal Council Medical Finance Dept. and formally employed by Mytishchi Municipal Council Medical Finance Dept.
Svetlana, who stayed only for a week, (so Troyka turned into a Dwoyka) was offered an introductory tour to get familiarized with the health care system in The Netherlands with special emphasis on finance.
She visited the Administration of Scheper Ziekenhuis in Emmen (SZE), a GP group practice in Emmen, a private Psychology Practice in Amersfoort and a large Revalidation Centre” het Roessingh” in Enschede. Host and CEO of Het Roessingh, Pieter Windt was a former CEO of Scheper Ziekehuis in Emmen.
The two Medical Doctors had a tight two weeks programme.
Alexey Azaraov, a vascular intervention cardiological surgeon was housed in Emmen and participated in Cardiological and X-Ray activities at Scheper Ziekenhuis .
For Elena Sarancha, an ENT specialist, this was her second turn (DEMMA also hosted her visit in 2007). The purpose of her visit was to increase her experience in
Functional Endoscopical Sinus Surgery (FESS) an area of Rhinology. She shuttled between SZE-Emmen, Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis Assen and UMCG Groningen teaching hospital. Unfortunately due to delays in MRSA screening and the TBC prevention procedures, her activities for the first week were to be adapted.

In conclusion, the clinical professional items and visits of this DEMMA Exchange Programme were met with great enthusiasm, not only by our guests but also by the host teaching colleagues in the different hospitals and in the institutes visited.
DEMMA are expressing their gratitude towards all (both inside and outside the DEMMA Organisation) who have participated and contributed in this success.
As a final note: it is good to see how our visitors have improved on their acuity of English in such a short period.