Demma Foundation | DWOYKA 2013, 17 NOVEMBER – 1 DECEMBER
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In this traditional annual autumn event two young Russian medical doctors from different disciplines were invited to be full time guests of the DEMMA foundation in Drenthe. They were lodged in the Hampshire hotel in Emmen. The objective of this project was to make them familiar with the organization in the hospitals and to inform them about the Dutch health care system especially in the Northern regions of the Netherlands. Our guests in 2013 were the pediatrician Galina Fokanova and the ophthalmologist Natasja Kaira. In the playing field many hospitals (ziekenhuizen) were involved such as the Scheper Ziekenhuis Emmen (SZE), the Refaja Ziekenhuis Stadskanaal, the Bethesda Ziekenhuis Hoogeveen and the University Medical Centre Groningen. On top of that the Eyescan clinic in Utrecht participated and the GP practice in Erica acted as hosts. The base hospital was the SZE and for Galina more than 80% of her program was scheduled in there. This was quite different for Natasja as her program was spread out way over all the above mentioned hospitals and clinic. Along the professional programs several social events were organized, not only in Drenthe but in Groningen, Friesland and Amsterdam as well. The visit was concluded with well presented visit report presentations and a visit report abstract which was mailed afterwards and is to be posted on the DEMMA website.

Natasja Kaira (left) and Galina Fokinova in the central plaza of the University Medical Centre Groningen

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