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In 1991, the same year the Soviet Union was concluded, preliminary DEMMA started.  The founding was set up by Dr. Paul Mulkens, in that time ENT specialist in Assen, capital of the province of Drenthe. On invitation he visited by chance Moscow city and province as a member of a Red Cross delegation from the Dutch province of  Drenthe. From Russian side Dr. Georgy Maltsin, health care counsellor of  Moscow Oblast (Province), became in 1991 the founder and first partner  in close presence of  Dr. Irina Lapina, head of policlinic no.V in Mytischi (Moscow  province). The official foundation was raised afterwards in 1996 (see page: Statutes). Agreements of Collaboration were signed and reconfirmed in 1995, 1997 and lastly in 2009.img_7682


DEMMA is a non-profit organisation and initiates and promotes mutual exchanges of medical professionals between Mytischi and Drenthe and more over stimulates education in the English language prior to every actual exchange. DEMMA programmes are in a format of projects of short time duration. Initially the medical exchange programmes were exclusively aimed at the regional  Mytischi hospital together with hospitals in Drenthe (Emmen and Assen). Nowadays the scope has been widened in the town of Mytischy region with the federal  Erismani Institute which medical institute has a lot of expertise in ecological matters. The organisation in Mytischi has been matured into an independent DEMMA-M (DEMMA-Mytischi) counterpart group with chairman , secretary and other officers. A detailed list of active participants, in both Drenthe and in Mytischi as well, has been provided in the website pages:  Organisation, Annual reports  and About Mytishchi.


DEMMA and DEMMA-M could learn about large differences between the health care systems in Russia and in the Netherlands. Not only in the way of financing, but certainly also in the approach of organisation and  medical systems. As an example that turned out, one might mention the poliklinika system developed in RU in the thirties. The in NL unknown poliklinika method of organization – “1.5-level” which means medical cure between the first (general practitioner)  and the second level (hospital specialists) – is very much worth to subject it to a profound study to find perhaps  a domestic application. However, to achieve a sufficient study and  research project, additional funding is needed.  Methods of treatment also differ considerably. The objective of DEMMA foundation is to improve the mutual understanding between Russian and Dutch physicians and other medical professionals. Such understanding occurs through intensive programmes of exchange. A good insight into the distinguishing marks from each other will not only lead to a better appreciation, but will also contribute in improving the quality of health care, in Russia and in the Netherlands as well. The DEMMA group mainly exists out of medical doctors from Drenthe.  In succession many exchanges by a variety of physicians, medical specialists and medical managers have taken place. Since 2012 also the young generation –medical students-  did involve. The MONIKI hospital and research  center in Moscow city might play a key role in this issue.

Paul Mulkens

Georgy Maltsin

Province house of Assen 

Province house inside